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Office Syndrome Spray

Hundreds of years of a local kept natural secret is passed along from generations to the next.

Knowledge of the local Thai herbs and civet from our ancestors, full of wisdom and faith, renewed.

Renewed as a special formulation as the world’s first and only civet musk spray for Office Syndrome.

A power of faith in the wisdom of the Thai local herbs.

Asara Aqua: Like the power of the river stream, gentle and tranquil, it will release fatigue and exhaustion from long hours at work. Relieves migraine and eases muscle pain especially in the neck and shoulders.

Asara Woodland: Every breath taken is fresh like living deep within the woods. Relieves stress and fully enhances body relaxation.

Asara Premium: The scent of floras and herbs of the Thai aromatherapy will relax and help with deep sleep. Give yourself a merry deep sleep with the ultimate secret of relaxation. Relieves insomnia and promotes deep sleep.

Embrace the experience of a deep relaxation from nature and the miracle of civet musk. The secret of Thai traditional medicine, a traditional way of life of the Thai Song Dam, brought to you by Asara.

Part of the proceeds of each purchase will go towards supporting humane Thai civet farms and animal welfare organizations.