Asararomm and Asara are attentive to the life of Thai farmers. Not only do they support local Thai products, they also aim to bring these products to the international level. Asara, under the umbrella of OGlobal Rich Company Limited, has guaranteed the delivery of fine products to consumers. It is anticipated that the revenue will be generated back to the Thai economy to provide jobs for Thai farmers.

Inspiration from the Thai origins and cultural wisdom influenced the development of Asara and Asararomm.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Chiang Mai Zoo Conservation, Research, and Learning Center of the Small Indian Civet and Viverricula indica Family

Asara believes that all animals deserve equal respect and is delighted to donate part of the proceeds of all purchases to the animal welfares.

Corporate Social Responsibility: The Ethnic Group of Thai Song Dam

Asara aims to sustain the knowledge and the local wisdom of the Thai Song Dam ethnic group originating over hundreds of years ago. Our mission is to inspire the younger generation to reflect on cultural past inventions in growing our heritable brand.

Part of the proceeds of each purchase will go towards supporting humane Thai civet farms and animal welfare organizations.