ASARA aims to elevate Thai agricultural products to the international level. Partnering with civet farmers and traditional Thai medical doctors, research was conducted for over two decades to produce quality civet musk. Civet musk is a cultural heritage of the ethnic Thai Song Dam in Thailand dating back hundreds of years.

With quality civet musk in combination with local Thai herbs, ASARA offers the world’s first Civet Musk Office Syndrome Spray.

Civet musk is one of the rarest and valuable ingredients and it is an active key ingredient in the ASARA Civet Musk Office Syndrome Spray. Civet musk stimulates the effectiveness of herbal compounds, providing faster absorbency and targeting the affected areas for muscle relief. The floral scent is a signature attribute of the ASARA Office Syndrome Spray.

We pride ourselves, along with our farmers and traditional Thai medical team, in producing a front-line product of Thai culture to be shared globally.

Part of the proceeds of each purchase will go towards supporting humane Thai civet farms and animal welfare organizations.